Wednesday, September 14, 2016

PREORDER: PRIMAL RITE "Complex Life of Passion" 7" Out Oct. 7

PRIMAL RITE "Complex Life of Passion" 7" Preorder Up Now

Full Stream / Download on Bandcamp
Cassette Soon from POP WIG
Not Dead Yet and October Tour w/ MAD EXISTENCE
The new EP from San Francisco's Primal Rite, Complex Life of Passion, will be out on 7" from Grave Mistake Records (with a tape version on Pop Wig Records) on October 7th, 2016, to coincide with their East Coast tour up to Not Dead Yet in Toronto.
We currently have a preorder for the 7" up in the Grave Mistake Webstore, and the full EP is currently streaming and available for free DL on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp. We've pressed up some limited Purple Vinyl for all of you mailorder lovers.
Preorders for the cassette version will be made available soon through Pop Wig, so stay tuned.
Primal Rite released their debut single earlier this year on Warthog Speak Records, and we have a few copies of that EP (which is of course, highly recommended) in the Grave Mistake webstore now.
Primal Rite also announced in July that they will be working with the one and only Revelation Records in 2017. Revelation will be releasing a brand new EP and LP from the band. Primal Rite will also be playing FYA Fest in Tampa, FL in January.
PRIMAL RITE / MAD EXISTENCE "Primal Discipline" Tour 2016
10/6 - Richmond, VA @ Ask a Punk w/ Ringer, Nosebleed [Event]
10/7 - Washington, DC @ Slash Run w/ Line of Sight, Claim [Event]
10/8 - Philadelphia, PA @ Second Empire w/ Timebomb, Blackout [Event]
10/9 - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale w/ Claim, Rare Form, The Lion's Cage [Event]
10/10 - Boston, MA @ TBA
10/11 Montclair NJ @ The Meat Locker w/ Death Vacation, Convulsant [Event]
10/12 Pittsburgh @ Venue TBA w/ Concealed Blade
10/14-10/16 - Toronto, ON @ Not Dead Yet Fest [Event]
Also (separate from tour):
1/7-1/8 (2017) - Tampa, Fl @ FYA Fest 4 w/ Trapped Under Ice, Indecision, and More [Event]

Thursday, August 25, 2016

NEW RELEASE: BARGE "S/T" LP Out Now - Full Stream and Order Info

New Full Length from BARGE Out Now
East Coast / Midwest Tour Starts This Weekend
The crushing new LP from Richmond, VA's BARGE is now available for mailorder from Grave Mistake Records in the US and Quality Control HQ in the UK / Europe, and is streaming in full (and available for download) on Bandcamp as well.

"The debut full length from Richmond, VA's Barge is an unstoppable whirlwind of uncompromising hardcore insanity. These twelve blistering tracks find the band maturing both musically and lyrically from their debut EP, "No Gain." Sonically, Barge pummels through with the speed and ferocity of powerviolence greats like Infest and Crossed Out, and delivers with unadulterated vitriol calling to mind Youth of Today and Ripcord's most searing moments. The opening track, "Social Pressure," kicks this album from 0 to 120 out of the gate, then proceeds with a non-stop barrage of savage riffs and pulverizing breaks (reminiscent of Boston hardcore heavyweights Mind Eraser), straight through to the album's final track, "Dismantle," which trudges to a close with brutal precision. Lyrically, Barge's message is as heavy and powerful as their sound - addressing personal themes of alienation, acceptance, distrust, and disenchantment in the current climate of both our subculture and in the everyday life of 2016. Confronting issues of race and racial identity, masculinity and machismo, and corruption and bigotry in politics and law enforcement, the overall narrative draws parallels to illustrate how the DIY scene in many aspects is very much a microcosm of society, both of which face abuses of privilege and power that need to be properly addressed, confronted, and ultimately destroyed. If there’s anything to take from this record, it’s to never trust power and those who hold it, as it will inevitably be used to abuse, exploit, and marginalize those without it."
Grave Mistake still has some copies of the limited GREEN VINYL (200 pressed) available for mailorder, and the record should be getting around to your favorite stores and distros over the next few weeks. If you run a distro or record store and would like copies or wholesale info, get in touch!
Barge are playing two Record Release shows this weekend with DC's Pure Disgust, who also have a brand new LP out on Katorga Works, and will then be heading out on tour from 8/28-9/9 with Richmond's Mad Existence for a nice little East Coast / Midwest excursion. Info on all of these shows is below.
Thanks to everyone who has listened to, shared, or picked up a copy of the LP already!

BARGE and MAD EXISTENCE - "Bustin' Out the James 2016" Tour
[Facebook Event Page]

8/26 - Richmond, VA * @ Strange Matter w/Bracewar, Pure Disgust, Stuck Pigs, Nosebleed [Info]
8/27 - Washington, DC @ The Pinch w/Pure Disgust, Triage, Stuck Pigs [Info]
8/28 - Chapel Hill, NC * @ Nightlight Bar & Club w/Holder's Scar [Info]
8/29 - Tampa, FL @ Lucky You Tattoo w/ Sick of Talk, Barrage [Info]
8/30 - Miami, FL @ Churchill's Pub w/Homestretch, Don't Bother Me, Dome of Obedience [Info]
8/31 - Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou's w/Klout [Info]
9/1 - Atlanta, GA * @ 529 w/Drool, Heavy User [Info]
9/2 - Birmingham, AL * @ The Machine Shop w/Say It, Laughing Sword [Info]
9/3 - Nashville, TN * @ DRKMTTR [Info]
9/4 - Louisville, KY * @ Spinelli's [Info]
9/5 - Bloomington, IN * @ Jan's Room w/Laffing Gas
9/6 - Chicago, IL * @ 2040 w/Tigress [Info]
9/7 - Detroit, MI * @ The Sanctuary [Info]
9/8 - Cleveland, OH @ Club Atlantis [Info]
9/9 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Atomic Thrash Garage w/Decapitators [Info]
*with Mad Existence

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Friday, August 19, 2016


Hello! Lots of stuff going on over here at GMHQ; we've got a couple of new releases and plenty of new distro titles (a few of which from Grave Mistake related bands), so let's get started...
First off, Grave Mistake has TWO new releases out this month - the debut LP from Chicago's Earth Girls, Wanderlust, which officially came out last Friday, and a reissue of Washington DC's The Suspects 1995 debut LP, Voice of America, which is officially out today! Both releases are shipping now, so head on over to the Grave Mistake Webstore and check 'em out! Here is some quick info on each:

 GRAVE077 / Release Date: August 12, 2016

Pick up a copy of the red vinyl or give the record a listen / download:

"Earth Girls play power pop with an emphasis on “power." Spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist, Liz Panella, the Chicago-based band write songs that are bursting with breezy earworms but still pack an undeniably urgent punch. This precarious and exciting balance between infectiousness and grit propels the band’s debut full length, Wanderlust. Throughout Wanderlust, Panella effortlessly combines elements of 60s and 70s pop with more modern influences, while adding her own distinguishing touches to make songs that are as catchy as they are concise. Earth Girls’ songs are driven by hook-filled immediacy, but they aren’t without sonic and lyrical depth. The best hooks always sound effortless and Wanderlust is loaded with these deceptively catchy yet winding melodies and chord changes. Every instrument plays it’s role perfectly and tastefully; warm vocal harmonies weave around gritty guitar and inventive bass lines, all held together by airtight drumming. The album's tight 21 minute runtime lends itself to repeat listens that reveal Panella’s attention to detail in arrangements, as well as pointed lyrics reflecting a struggle to make the most of life and its relationships."

THE SUSPECTS Voice of America LP (Reissue)
 GRAVE073 / Release Date: August 19, 2016
Pick up a copy of the vinyl or give the record a listen / download:

"Grave Mistake and Six Feet Under are honored to present a significant piece of Washington, DC punk history - a reissue of The Suspects' 1995 full length, Voice of America, along with the tracks from their 1994 debut self-titled 7". Originally released on their own Torque Records label, the band's seminal output contains thirteen blasts of timeless and unadulterated punk rock, delivered with a precise intensity that maintains its urgency two decades later. Founded by original Scream drummer Kent Stax alongside guitarist Bryan Harbin, bassist Chris Condayan and vocalist Brian Gayton, the Suspects came together in 1993 with one objective -  to inject the Nation's capital with a long forgotten dose of uninhibited punk intensity. Combining their love for classic '77 UK punk with the aggression and power of the DC Hardcore classics, The Suspects were a pivotal band for the region; crucial in keeping the spirit of DC Punk and Hardcore alive and flourishing for generations to come."
If you aren't familiar with The Suspects (which is one of the reasons we wanted to do this reissue), you can check out The Suspects Bio written up for the release, as well as this Washington City Paper article on the reunion show they did last month (which was GREAT, btw). Not to mention, there is an archived Maxium Rocknroll interview the band did in 1995 for you to check out as well!
Both of these new releases are currently available direct from Grave Mistake, as well as from other awesome stores and distros like Sorry State Records, RevHQ, Deathwish, Dischord, Midheaven, and more! If you are a store, label, or distro and would like to carry copies of any Grave Mistake releases please get in touch for wholesale info!
That's all of the label news I'm going to hit you with today, expect much more in the coming weeks!
Now, on to the webstore update as promised...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
First off, I have some new releases in the distro from some GM afilliated bands - RED DEATH, BIG EYES, and TENEMENT! This new Red Death 7" (their Lockin' Out debut) has been in the works for over a year, and despite unfortunate delays it is finally upon us and it rages! I think the only bad thing about this EP is that it isn't longer. Regarldless, a no-brainer pick up and will get you stoked for more new material from Red Death (hopefully sooner than another year).
Stocked up on the new Big Eyes Stake My Claim LP, which is phenomenal! Kait has been laying low with new Big Eyes material for a while now, but this LP has been so worth the wait - I definitely think it's the most powerful and cohesive Big Eyes full length to date, and if you were a fan of the previous Big Eyes output then you will most likely love this LP. If not, you might want to get your ears (or brain) checked out by a doctor.
And finally, picked up copies of the new Tenement LP - a few of these tracks circulated as a tour tape last year, but this new record is the perfect follow up to last years incredible Predatory Headlights double LP. A must for any Tenement fan, you won't be disappointed.
In other distro news - we have the debut LP from the UK's ARMS RACE - this LP is definitely one of my favorite hardcore releases of the year, it's downright punishing! Arms Race were one of the best bands I saw last year, and this new release lives up to every expectation I had after for their next release. Definitely worth your hard earned cash! I was also able to grab a few copies of the KRIMEWATCH demo, which RIPPPPPS so definitely check that out if you haven't yet and scoop up a tape! In other new release news, picked up the new LP from Orange County's current hardcore faves FURY, the new EP from RVA locals FRIED EGG, a 7" version of the rad demo from Omaha's BIB, a goddamn ripper of an LP from Finland's KOHTI TUHOA, the new tape from Boston's GLORY, and SIX 7" reissues from UK classics THE VARUKERS, courtesy of the one and only Havoc Records.
And finally, still some great stuff from the last update as well in case you missed it - new stuff from RAKTA, G.L.O.S.S., THE POSE, SILENT ERA, ALIENATION, and more are all still available as well.
Full list is below, so check it out and thanks for reading ...
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New Webstore Titles for August 19, 2016

ARMS RACE "New Wave of British Hardcore" LP (Painkiller Records)
ARMS RACE unleash their debut album after a well-received 6-track demo in 2013 and a 6-track 7" EP in 2014 on Quality Control HQ and Painkiller. Arms Race arrived on the scene fully formed with their powerful and gnarly UK-meets-USA hardcore: their signature sound of a vocalist chewing on glass is backed by one of the most solid rhythm sections in HC these days, and the guitar work adds a metallic element making the whole sound gigantic while keeping the ugliness and aggression to the max. NWOBHC is a statement of no-frills hardcore that is not scared to reach out to different corners of the punk and metal world. Includes a poster insert and excellent cover art by the illustrious Andy Fletcher

RED DEATH "Deterrence" 7"
(Lockin' Out Records)
Newest, highly anticipated 7" from DC's Red Death. The follow up to last years Permanent Exile LP, this 7" has a beefy recording and is more blatantly crossover, think more C.O.C. or Bastard than Rest In Pieces. And the cover art is a new career highlight from Arbysdrink. A rampaging beast is drawn like an actual moving toy ripped from a half-forgotten, childhood nightmare.

KRIMEWATCH Demo Tape (Lockin' Out Records)
Best demo of 2016! Ripping HC Punk from New York - I've read several reviews saying it has a Japanese hc sound but I definitely catch more of a UK82 vibe from it. Either way, makes me want to circle pit, pogo, and throw shit around the room. Love it.

BIG EYES "Stake My Claim" LP (Don Giovanni Records)
Big Eyes, the brainchild of Kait Eldridge, is a band that has spent its career successfully defying classification. They'€™re a punk band with pop sensibilities; they'€™re a power pop group with a hard rock edge. Big Eyes are different things to different people, and yet have always felt ultimately content cemented "in-between" the scenes. Stake My Claim, the band's third full length, was recorded throughout the fall and winter of 2015. It opens with their heaviest song to date, the title track, which sets a tone of Kait at a crossroad: Cause nothing stays the same / stake my claim. Her lyrics are centered around dissatisfaction and a need for change. Throughout the entirety of Big Eyes' discography, there is an undercurrent of sadness and frustration, but within Stake My Claim, Kait has found a sense of acceptance. With the release of Stake My Claim, Big Eyes have expanded from a power trio to a four piece band, and are now able to showcase the driving, dueling guitar leads and classic power pop vocal harmonies of their albums within their live shows. With Kait on guitar and lead vocals, featuring Paul Ridenour on guitar and backup vocals, Malcolm Donaldson on bass, and Griffin Harrison on drums, the band sounds more complete and finessed than ever before. Despite location and lineup changes, Eldridge has always had a clear vision for Big Eyes: to find her own distinct balance between punk, hard rock and pop.

TENEMENT "S/T" LP (Deranged Records)
After the release of last year’s highly anticipated double LP masterpiece, “Predatory Headlights,” comes a new 12” EP by the Wisconsin punk outfit known as Tenement. This self-titled record includes the newly mastered 5-song tour EP only previously released to a limited 50 cassettes, as well as two new unreleased tracks. Like most Tenement releases, this record transitions willingly into a different side of the band, one that’s a little less punk and a little more pop. It’s a sound that’s been poking it’s way through the band’s decade long tarp, finally stretching a hole large enough to crawl out of. The band has always stayed steadfast to being one big polychromatic puzzle. No singular record can properly portray their musical identity as a whole. Here lies yet another piece to the ongoing puzzle, a puzzle many fans surely hope won’t get solved anytime soon.

BIB "Demo" 7"
(Deranged Records)
When you hear Omaha, Nebraska, you might think of steak, Warren Buffet, or Saddle Creek Records. But you probably don’t think of hardcore. In comes BIB. Noisey, blown out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Following the “everything louder than everything else approach” to their demo, Bibs already colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy effected vocals veer their sound from huge to weird. Live, sometimes seen with 3 guitar players, Bib takes their wall of sound to a whole new level that will leave your eardrums vibrating . The straight ahead, downstroke pounding demo has been compared to the likes of Hoax mixed with Pissed Jeans. Originally released on a limited run of self dubbed tapes, Bib is happy to bring their demo to life as a 7 inch with help from Deranged.

FURY "Paramount" LP/Tape (Triple B Records)
Available on vinyl and cassette. At the apex of Fury’s short and startling rise, from a providential birth in late 2013 through era-defining performances at America’s Hardcore fest in 2014 and 2015, the Orange County five-piece has delivered Paramount, a debut full-length album of grace, erudition, and effortless virtuosity that guarantees Fury’s induction into the tiny fraternity of epochal hardcore bands — e.g., Embrace, Unbroken, Mental — in whose sonic singularity and aesthetic intelligence the best minds of successive generations have seen themselves reflected. Paramount is impossible to characterize in the usual terms of A-meets-B direct influence: maybe you hear Burn, maybe you hear Outburst or Beyond or Supertouch, but no combination of such references conveys the subtlety of the songwriting, the precision of the musicianship, or the ferocity of Jeremy Stith’s vocal performance, by way of which one encounters the best written and most cleverly phrased hardcore lyrics in recent memory. Paramount is, as they say in the groves of academe, sui generis. And yet to apprehend the lyric sheet’s overt intertextuality (no less than Shakespeare, Don Delillo and Praise’s Andy Norton, among others, are given co-writing credit), to hear the multiplicity of guest vocalists, to spend the 12 minutes required to read the voluminous thanks list — all this is to know, as the band itself surely does, that Paramount belongs no more to the individuals who recorded it than to the entire roiling, loving, terrifying, inspiring, hateful, romantic, literate, ignorant, fantastically dynamic culture that gave rise to it.

FRIED EGG "Delirium" 7" (Negative Jazz Records)
The latest from FRIED EGG, a six minute exercise of tense and spastic hardcore punk. Following the off-beaten tread of their debut 7" flexi, the three new cuts on Delirium wind even tighter and further left-of-centre. Side A boasts two schizoid hardcorepunk bursts, backed with the ugly, self-loathing dirge that forms “Eggshells”. The fluid instrumentation and anxious, spit-laden vocals capture the same uneasy and warped state of mind evident in the mugshots laid out across the picture sleeve. FRIED EGG deliver a perfectly delirious EP of hardcore punk from the outer-limits of Virginia.

KOHTI TUHOA "Rutiinin Orja" LP
(Southern Lord Records)
Debut album by Kohti Tuhoa, a southern Finnish hardcore group comprised of members of  Speedtrap, Circle, Perikato and Kylmä Sota.  Naming Framtid and Rattus as principal influences, the quartet knocked many a punk fan out with their debut 7" EP last year. This full lenght album is taking things closer to the limit and pushing them over the edge.  Vocalist Helenas’ vocals are some of the most unhinged, maniacal evocations heard since early era Negazione! WILD AS ALL FUCKING GET OUT!  Stoughton tip-on jacket.

WOUND MAN "Perimeter" LP (Painkiller Records)
Returning to the fertile ground that Breathing Fire and Mind Eraser were cultivated on (and featuring members of both), Wound Man unleash a dense storm of blasting speed and oppressive sludge, recorded raw and in-the-red on cassette 4-track.

VARUKERS "Protest and Survive" 7" (Havoc Records)
Originally released in 1981, this 7” is like a blast of pure power from the early days of hardcore punk. Varukers was one of the first bands to take up the gauntlet laid down by Discharge to combine the rebel attitude of punk with the pure energy of hardcore. This four song banger bursts with raw energy and anger, the recording is raw and urgent, three tracks are primal raw D Beat, while Soldier Boy is a more pogo punk UK82 anthem, well known for it’s inclusion on the Punk and Disorderly compilation.

VARUKERS "I Don't Wanna Be A Victim" 7" (Havoc Records)
This is the second ep from the Varukers, originally released in 1982. Varukers seamlessly blend the styles we now call D Beat and UK82. This 7” features three of the more traditionally punk influenced mid paced sing along ragers, picking up towards the end with the more hard edged “No Masters, No Slaves”

VARUKERS "Die for Your Government" 7" (Havoc Records)
The Varukers third 7” from 1983 originally released on Riot City.  The production progresses from the raw production of the first two eps.  Two sides of huge crushing riffs, the best of catchy punk and  raw hardcore power in an intoxicating mix.

VARUKERS "Massacred Millions" 7"
(Havoc Records)
Originally released as a 12” ep in 1983, this is raw and savage hardcore in the Discharge tradition. From the alienation and misery of Thatcher’s Britain came the revolt of punk against the establishment, society, and the weak posing of the sold out remnants of first wave of punk. Taking punk to it’s most logical extreme, Varukers channeled the angst of the era into these four tracks of hardcore power.

VARUKERS "No Hope of A Future" 7" (Havoc Records)
Originally released in 1984 on, this 7” features the Varukers developing into a tight and powerful hardcore machine. The punk bounce has given way to a heavier more proto crust hardcore sound. Lean and powerful, this record has the same raw production and urgency as the first two eps.

VARUKERS "Led to the Slaughter" 7"
(Havoc Records)
Originally released in 1984 on Riot City, three tracks of unrelenting hardcore punk moving more towards the sounds of the Another Religion Another War era. Like Discharge, the Varukers pushed to a harder more powerful sound with more leads and guitar wails, but always staying firmly rooted in the world of punk rock and not veering as far into the territory of metal. Huge riffs, raw beats, pure rage.

CULT VALUES "S/T" LP (Deranged Records)
Cult Values was formed in October 2014 in Berlin as an international collaboration between people from the USA, New Zealand, Austria and Germany. After recording a much acclaimed demo in 2015 (out on Berlin’s own Static Age Rec.) and a line up change on drums right after, CV started playing tons of shows in Germany and the periphery as well as writing songs for an LP. Said record was finally recorded in December 2015 by Tobias Lill and scheduled for release July 2016 on Deranged Records.  Musically, there is something very early American hardcore meets post-punk about their sound, defined by fast, melodic, and confident guitar play reminiscent of Articles of Faith and more recently Criminal Code.  Cult Values deliver 10 tracks of potent dark hardcore that will surely leave those hungry for a solid contemporary take on a classic sound quite satisfied.

(Discos MMM)
Split 7" from Montreal's Parasytes and Bogota's Secta. Parasytes features members of After the Bombs, Truncheons, etc, but rips in a much more UK82 style than other bands Janick has been in. On the flip are two new songs from Bogota's Secta. These two pick up where their split with Dead Hero left off, driving melodic hardcore punk. A great split with awesome handmade and screened packaging that showcases the friendship that formed at last year's Varning Fest. Out in time for Parasytes Japan tour! 500 pressed worldwide (Dure Realite, Rakkos, Rat Trap, FYBS and MMM) with 130 available from MMM.

FINAL 2016 Demo Tape (Discos MMM)
US press of the demo from this Bogota, Colombia hardcore band with members of Secta, out in time for their tours of the US east and west coast ending at Latino Punk Fest in NYC. This is brutal hardcore punk with vocals spit out at breakneck speed not unlike Rudimentary Peni. 150 pressed.

FLEX, THE "Don't Bother with the Outside World" 7" (Lockin' Out Records)
There is no question that the UK is putting out some of the finest hardcore right now. At the forefront of this NWOBHC (New Wave Of British Hardcore) renaissance is the wolf pack from Leeds, THE FLEX. With a sound that invokes DYS birthed in the gutters of New York in 1986, Don’t Bother With The Outside World sees THE FLEX rip through six ferociously violent tracks of pure hardcore aggression on their Lockin’ Out debut.

HAMILTONS, THE "You're Through" 7"
(Hello Records)
Hailed by some as Canada's answer to The Ramones, Terry, Jackie, and Mikey are back with a brand new 7" from The Hamiltons

(Triple B Records)
Debut 7" for Boston's newest straight edge group. 7 tracks of Confront/Brotherhood influenced hardcore.

GLORY "3 Song Promo (2016)" Tape (Triple B Records)
Three new songs from Boston's GLORY. Killer hc w/ a late 80s yc vibe - and as the cover art indicates if you like Nikes and doing athletic shit, you'll definitely dig this.

DINOS BOYS "Last Ones" Tape
(Dead Broke Records)
Sleazy garage punk rock & roll from Atlanta, Georgia!

FROZEN TEENS Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Minneapolis' garage punkers' 2012 full-length album, pressed on a high-quality Cassette. 100 pressed on White Tapes w/ Red Imprinting.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #400 - September 2016

Here it is: the September 2016 issue, Maximum Rocknroll #400. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at it for this long, so this time we’re turning back to reflect on the people that make it happen every month: our shitworkers. Every band featured in this issue features at least one volunteer or contributor to the mag. We’ve got the Welsh-Greek-Cypriot maelstrom that is London’s EFIALTIS, Oklahoma City’s AMERICAN HATE and Chicago’s the BUG scrambling the signals of Midwestern hardcore, the uncompromising melodic punk of the Bay Area’s own SYNDICATE and SILENT ERA (perhaps the only all-MRR-shitworker band?), and NORMS out of Budapest offering their perspective on punk life in an unforgiving modern landscape. On top of that, we have interviews with Evolution of a Race Riot zinester and scholar Mimi Thi Nguyen as well as former MRR coordinator Arwen Curry discussing her upcoming documentary Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin. We also have current shitworkers revealing their work inside and outside of the pages of MRR: San Francisco/Los Angeles based journalist Oscar Gutierrez, Washington’s Farrah Skeiky (official photographer of the NWODCHC?), and the Bay Area’s Scream Queens giving us the dirt on their eponymous radio show and their upcoming magazine. If that weren’t enough, we’ve also got a photo spreads and commentary from Copenhagen’s K-Town Hardcore Fest, hundreds of reviews, all of your favorite columnists, and—get this—a table of contents. That’s right, this issue debuts a fresh new look for MRR. It only took us 400 issues to get page numbers, who knows what the future may hold?

JUST SAY YO Zine Issue #7
Newest issue - 48 pages, in English, full-sized black & white (colored cover), featuring PRAISE (interview with Andy Norton), SEATTLE'S NEW GODS ( interview with Ian Shelton), MODERN LOVE (interview with Erik "Anarchy" Kaluza), WORKSHED RECORDS (retrospective with Dan O'Mahony), VERBAL ASSAULT (reprint from 1989) + Columns, Reviews (Records and zines), etc.

Restocks for August 19, 2016:

AMDI PETERSENS ARME "Blod Ser Mere Virkeligt Ud Pa Film" 7"
DER STAB "Tracers" 7"
IRON CHIC "Split N' Shit" 7"
OAF "S/T" 7"

FRAMTID "Defeat of Civilization" LP
HURULA 'Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For' LP
L.I. "On the Corner" LP
NERVES, THE "One Way Ticket" LP
NEU! "Neu! 2" LP
NEU! "Neu! 75" LP
REGULATIONS  "Electric Guitar" LP
V/A "America's Hardcore Vol. 1" LP
V/A "Charred Remains Compilation 2xLP
VARUKERS, THE  "Another Religion Another War" LP
WHITE LUNG "It's the Evil" LP

CANCERS "Fatten the Leaches" Tape
FLEX, THE "Flexual Healilng VI: Live from the Paincave" Tape
NO TOLERANCE "You Walk Alone" Tape
RINGER 2016 Demo Tape (actually already sold out again, I'll have more next week)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

EARTH GIRLS "Wanderlust" Out This Friday - Full Album Stream Up Now!

The debut LP from Chicago's Earth Girls, Wanderlust, is officially out this Friday! We now have the full album streaming up on Bandcamp, so head on over and give it a listen or download! This record is hands down one of my favorite releases of 2016, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do.

To coincide with the stream, Bandcamp Daily ran a cool little feature about the record which you can read here. You can also check out a recent interview with Liz about the band and LP over at Music&Riots Magazine.

Preorders for the LP are shipping this week as well, and we have copies of the record on limited RED VINYL available in the Grave Mistake Webstore.

Liz will be doing a solo tour later this month with Scott Plant from Military Police - she'll be playing a few Earth Girls tunes so definitely check one of those shows out if they hit your town. The DC show will feature a full Earth Girls set, with Chris Moore from Coke Bust handling drum duties. Here is the tour info:

Liz Panella (Earth Girls) / Mark Plant (Military Police) Summer Tour 2016

8/18 - Milwaukee @ Bremen Cafe [Show Info]
8/19 - Minneapolis @ [Show Info]
8/20 - Iowa City TBA
8/21-  St Louis TBA
8/22 - Springfield, IL @ Black Sheep Cafe [Show Info]
8/23 - Chicago, IL @ SubT downstairs with California X and Laika's Orbit [Show Info]
8/24 - Philadelphia TBA
8/25 - Washington, DC @ Hamiltonian Art Gallery w/ Sem Hastro and BBC [Show Info]
8/26 - Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar [Show Info]
8/27 - Rockford, IL @ Quiet Space [Show Info]
Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

DEEP SLEEP West Coast Weekend (plus Baltimore show)!!!

Baltimore's DEEP SLEEP will be playing a few shows in a month, including a hometown gig and a handful of West Coast dates!

You can pick up all of their releases in the Grave Mistake Store HERE

Free DL / Stream the "Turn Me Off" LP HERE

Free DL / Stream the "Three Things at Once (Singles Collection)" HERE

8/24 Ottobar 2549 N Howard St. Baltimore MD
9/1  The hideout 3519 El Cajon Blvd San Diego
9/2 looking for a show close to San Diego
9/3 Awesome Fest North Park San Diego, CA
9/4 Safari LA 16 th and Los Angles St. Los Angles CA

Friday, July 29, 2016

New EARTH GIRLS Song Streaming Now / New Distro Titles from G.L.O.S.S., RAKTA, and More!

July has been a very busy month over here at GMHQ! Here is a quick wrap up for you, as well as a nice little webstore update to get your weekend going right with some killer new punk and hardcore!

First up, we've got another brand new song from the upcoming Earth Girls Wanderlust LP streaming over at The Le Sigh! The title track to their upcoming LP is a quick and catchy cut that is packed with both power and melody; another great indicator of what you can expect from their phenomenal new full length. Wanderlust is officially out August 12th, and you can preorder yourself a copy on some nice red vinyl in the Grave Mistake Webstore.

Last week, we announced a very awesome release with our friends at Six Feet Under Records - a fully remastered reissue of the first full length from Washington DC's The Suspects. Their debut LP, Voice of America, was released in 1995, and at the time The Suspects were pretty much the punk band in the city, as well as one of the more popular east coast bands from that scene/era (you can read the full bio here). While those who remember the band during their time do so quite fondly, this LP still holds up with the best of 'em today and we felt that it deserved a reissue treatment for not only the old fans, but maybe some new ones as well.

The LP officially drops on August 19th, but we've put the fully remastered release up on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure now. You can preorder a copy of the vinyl from either Grave Mistake or Six Feet Under, and The Suspects are playing a reunion show tonight (Friday, July 29) at the Black Cat - so if you are reading this and will be in the DC area this evening, head on over to 14th street and check it out!

A few weeks ago we made the official announcement that the debut full length from Richmond, VA's Barge will finally be seeing the light of day August 26th! There's a track from the LP posted over on our Bandcamp, and the LP will be released in both the US on Grave Mistake and Europe on Quality Control HQ.

Barge will also be playing a couple of killer record release shows in RVA and DC with Pure Disgust before heading out on a two week tour with RVA's Mad Existence (who just released their debut EP earlier this month as well on the Vinyl Conflict Label).

We'll have more news on the Barge LP in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that!
Finally, while not exactly label news, some Grave Mistake bands have new releases out this summer on a few great labels! Make sure you get your hands on the new Red Death 7" on Lockin Out, the new Tenement LP on Deranged and Forward, and the new Big Eyes LP out on Don Giovanni, before the summer is over!
On the distro / webstore front - not too much new stuff but definitely some hits of the summer! We've stocked up on killer new releases from G.L.O.S.S., RAKTA, THE POSE, ALIENATION, RINGER, and FREE AT LAST plus we picked up some copies of the limited ANGEL DU$T Stay 7" that came out earlier this year on Photobooth (and is almost sold out completely along with the Upside Down single that was released on Grave Mistake).  Also picked up some restocks on the new PRIMAL RITE and JJ DOLL 7"s (both of which sold out quickly the first time around), the FIREWALKER demo, and recently back in print titles from WARTHOG, S.H.I.T., IMPALERS, GAG, and more … full list is below!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
That's it for now, thanks for reading!
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New in the Webstore for July 29, 2016:

G.L.O.S.S. "Trans Day of Revenge" 7" (Total Negativity Records)
G.L.O.S.S. is still really mad, about shit that really matters. In Trans Day of Revenge, they tear down pacifism in the face of state violence, transmisogyny, and respectability politics, all in five tracks that will leave your heart pounding with joy and rage. This is for all the trans punks wanting more, six minutes that allows us to envision an alternate future and “weaponize our alienation.” Searing riffs, raw vocals, d-beats. Flippers fuck off.

RAKTA "III" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Brazil's RAKTA is back with 6 new powerfully feminine trips through the fog. Simultaneously claustrophobic and cavernous. You can feel pulsing bass and thundering battery intertwine, akin to a snake coiling around your leg, pulling you down into the murky vortex. A flourish of atmospheric keyboard and vocal clamor pulls you right back to the surface just in time to be sucker punched by silence. This garland will leave you reeling.  500 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty sleeve. Art by Mateus Mondini. Sounds by Bernardo Pacheco. Mastered by Daniel Hussayn.

POSE, THE "Dig an Endless Grave" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
This is the debut EP of thud-y, ugly hardcore from this Houston band. Hard, nasty, ogreish, heavy hardcore that has flashes of metal, but isn't metallic — I mean, Tim Yo called VOID "metallic" in MRR #2, so consider that. Members of BACK TO BACK and DRESS CODE. 250 copies, all black vinyl.

ALIENATION "2016 EP" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
Second EP from hardcore's best kept secret – Halifax, Nova Scotia's ALIENATION. 11 tracks of venom-flinging, neck-snapping, raging thrash that's equal parts Negative FX, (early) Poison Idea, and some ripping Swedish shit. Taking the fury of last year's 12" EP and ramping up the intensity without losing the riffs. Don't sleep on this shit. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, with 125 copies each of neon green and neon pink covers.

RINGER Demo Tape
Brand new RVA hardccore band featuring members of I.C.E., Hard Stripes, and Break Away!

ANGEL DU$T "Stay" 7" (Photobooth Records)
Photobooth is happy to release the first single for the upcoming Angel Du$t full length LP, "ROCK THE FUCK ON FOREVER". The A-side is the A.D. you know and love, taking it to the next level with a whoop-ass love song that doesn't disappoint. The exclusive B-side is a groovy rocker, showing off the band's deeper influences while maintaining the raw edge that set them apart from the start.

POWER TRIP / INTEGRITY Split LP (Magic Bullet Records)
As an exemplar of intergenerational confluence out on the metallic hardcore fringes of heavy music’s spectrum, Magic Bullet Records presents a split release between legendary stalwart INTEGRITY and contemporary phenom POWER TRIP. The release is semi-dual-reissue in nature, as INTEGRITY’s contribution is a retooled, remixed rendering of their 2010 Magic Bullet Records 7” VVe Are the End. The POWER TRIP material culls the two original tracks from their Self-Titled 7” on Lockin’ Out Records, originally released in 2011. Previously unheard or released prior, INTEGRITY also contributes “Her Eyes is Filled with ϟtars,” their unique cover of the bizarre song that Howdy (Crispin Glover) serenades Stephanie (Jenny Wright) with in the 1989 film Twister. The cover song is exclusive to this split across all formats. Brand new artwork and layouts by INTEGRITY’s Dwid Hellion draws further cohesion between the bands on this one, as both physical formats feature a “co-headliner” visual presentation and a foldout poster containing all lyrics, credits, and additional original artwork. For vinyl fans, the first pressing is being issued on three color ways: black, clear, and red. Both sides are spun at 45 RPM for maximum fidelity.

SILENT ERA "S/T" 7" (Square One Again Records)
Debut EP from the Bay Area's Silent era (ex-Brilliant Colors, Army of Jesus, and Neon Piss). This EP features four tracks of Silent Era's near perfect amalgam of the best kind of melodic hardcore (think Post-Regiment) and dark anarcho punk (think A Touch of Hysteria or Zounds). The sleeve of 7" comes with a printed insert and is housed in a sleeve with gorgeous cover art by singer Michelle Hill.

FREE AT LAST "Embrace You" LP (
Triple B Records)
The last thing that should come to mind, if anything, when hearing the word "Springfield" followed by "Missouri" is that it gave to the world a band, Free At Last, that has written one of the most genuine, unique, and fresh hardcore records of recent times--"Embrace You" showcases honest expression, balancing the best of what has already been established while equally forging their own creative path. Stranger things have happened I suppose. For fans of Count Me Out, Turning Point, and Fury.

WOLF WHISTLE "The Present Disturbance" 7" (Triple B Records)
Wolf Whistle features current and former members of Have Heart, XFilesX, and Straight Razor. Musically, the band brings to mind '90s powerviolence at times, with a healthy dose of both fast and sludgy riffs. Formed back in 2007, Wolf Whistle have yet to release a proper full-length, but Triple-B Records just issued a new 7" EP from the group called The Present Disturbance. Featuring 10 tracks, the record doesn't waste any time getting to the point. Songs like "White Sheep" and "American Slavery" sound like something you would hear on those great Reality compilations that Six Weeks Records released in the '90s. -

SYMPTOM "Hideous World" 7" (Failure Recordings)
Following up their 2014 demo, Boston's Symptom return with a brand new EP, 'Hideous World'. 6 tracks of punishing d-beat raw punk akin to some of the Japanese classics we all know and love (Gloom, Gai, Gauze, Disclose). Members of Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Human Bodies, Cinderblock, etc. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.

DYE "Savages With Power" Tape
(Super Secret Records)
This tape consists of what was to be DYE's 1st ep.  After a member moved to Portland, the band decided to just do a tape and a limited lathe 7" since they had no plans on touring (The band is not broken up though) and didn't want to leave a label stuck with a bunch records.  Ok, after 2 tapes DYE returns with 4 songs of simple yet tough 1-2-1-2 pogo punk you have come to expect from them.  Again the main focus is on the strong rhythm section while the vocals are as angry and hateful towards the police and all authority figures as before.  Influenced by Chaos UK, the Germs, and The Dicks (Not all influence comes from music, but ideas and attitude).  Mastered by Dan Randall.  Limited to 200 copies.  Pro tape/shrink wrapped.

CLOROX GIRLS "S/T" LP (Headcount Records)
Clorox Girls high-energy debut album was released in 2004 to rave reviews including Thurston Moore and Byron Coley who wrote in Arthur Magazine, "The sound on their eponymous Kurt Bloch-produced debut LP is clean and has a basic goodness that is harder to ignore than a trouserfull of antlers." Clorox Girls were formed in 2003 in Oakland, CA, when guitarist and singer Justin Maurer met drummer Clay Silva while both were both living in a punk rock squat mostly populated by doom-struck crust punks. Tired of the gloomy and abrasive music they were hearing day and night, Justin and Clay decided to form a band that paid homage to their love of poppy old-school punk (they took their name from a tune on Redd Kross' first EP, when they were still known as Red Cross), first-generation rock & roll, and smart '60s pop from England and France. Justin's girlfriend Jennique was recruited to play bass, and Clorox Girls started playing Bay Area clubs. After spotting them on their first West Coast tour, Jonny Cat Records and 17 Television Records released the band's first single, a four-song vinyl 7". By the time the record hit stores, Jennique was out of the band, and was quickly replaced by Zack Lewis. Clorox Girls also pulled up stakes, making Portland, OR, their base of operations. After plenty of frantic touring throughout North America, SmartGuy Records released The Clorox Girls' self-titled 2004 debut album, produced by former Fastbacks leader Kurt Bloch; the album quickly sold out its first pressing, and a second press was gone by the time the band finished their next tour. After 3 albums, 12 singles, world tours, lineup changes, and a 7 year hiatus, Clorox Girls' classic first album lineup is back on tour with their out-of-print debut album being reissued for the first time in 12 years. This vinyl release includes the original track list and artwork. If there can be a quintessential early-aughts West Coast punk band, it is without a doubt Clorox Girls.

LA LUZ "Damp Face" 10" (Hardly Art Records)
Damp Face is the first-ever release from La Luz, originally self-released by the band in late 2012 (and later reissued on tape by Burger Records. Five tracks of dreamy surf-tinged girl group rock n rollers.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #399 - August 2016
It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #399, the August 2016 issue! This issue of the planet’s greatest punk fanzine features a revelatory peek under the mask with St. Louis rocker BLACK PANTIES, a photo essay on ABC No Rio as it faces the demolition of its current location and the construction of a new building, and an interview with PSYCHO SQUATT and Maloka Records covering 30 years of French punk history. If that’s not enough, we also have features covering the standout dark punk of Australia’s MASSES, the Pacific Northwest-based Skate Witches collective discussing projects like Skate Like a Girl and preeminent skate punk band SKITCH, Richmond hardcore ensemble FRIED EGG, Berlin punk/emo group FRIEND CRUSH, Oi!-influenced French punk from SYNDROME 81, the melodic punk of Chicago’s BOILERMAN, Virginia’s RHDP (that stands for Red Horse Drunk Punks, FYI), and Finnish punk photographer Jussi Janis. That ain’t it: MRR #399 also includes photo spreads from Total Attack Fest #6 and a special Moscow Madness edition of the MRR Presents gig series, an Australian tour diary from Singapore’s LUBRICANT, and a scene report from North Texas. All this, plus the biggest reviews section in the world of Serious Music Criticism and over a dozen reports from your favorite columnists; it’s all here, and it’s all happening.

Restocks for July 29, 2016:

AGNOSTIC FRONT "United Blood" 7"
ALTERED BOYS "Left Behind" 7"
ANTIDOTE "Thou Shalt Not Kill" 7"
BURN "S/T" 7"
IVY "A Cat's Cause, No Dog's Problem" 7"
JJ DOLL "S/T" 7"
PRIMAL RITE "Pestilent Clutch" 7"
S.H.I.T. "Collective Unconsciousness" 7"
WARTHOG "Prison" 7"

COCK SPARRER "Shock Troops" LP
FORCED ORDER "Vanished Crusade" LP
GAG "America's Greatest Hits" LP


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

THE SUSPECTS "Voice of America" LP Reissue out 8/19

Label Update - July 19, 2016
THE SUSPECTS "Voice of America" LP Reissue out August 19th on Grave Mistake / Six Feet Under
Preorder and Full Album Stream up Now / Reunion show at the Black Cat (DC) July 29th

Photo by Chris Henderson
PREORDER The Suspects Voice of America LP from the Grave Mistake Webstore
LISTEN / DOWNLOAD Voice of America from the Grave Mistake Bandcamp
Reunion show info available on the Black Cat website


The Suspects / Washington DC
Grave Mistake and Six Feet Under are honored to present a significant artifact in Washington, DC punk history - a reissue of The Suspects' 1995 full length, Voice of America, along with the tracks from their 1994 debut self-titled 7". Originally released on their own Torque Records label, the band's seminal output contains thirteen blasts of timeless and unadulterated punk rock, delivered with a precise intensity that maintains its urgency two decades later. There is no denying The Suspects' significance during their tenure as torchbearers for Washington DC Punk and Hardcore, and their role in its history paved the way for the city's scene to grow and thrive for decades to follow.
The state of punk rock in Washington DC in the early 90's was an interesting one, to say the least.  A decade had passed since the initial wave of classic punk and hardcore bands put the city on the map, and the District was comfortably settled in a post-Revolution Summer era of indie and math rock.  While there is no denying the importance and influence of the late 80's / early 90's Dischord Records bands that dominated the region, it came as no surprise that there were a few who still longed for the urgency of the classic hardcore punk sound and attitude that remained notably absent from the DC scene at this time.

It was out of this void that The Suspects were formed.  Founded by original Scream drummer Kent Stax alongside guitarist Bryan Harbin, bassist Chris Condayan and vocalist Brian Gayton, the Suspects came together in 1993 with one objective -  to inject the Nation's capital with a long forgotten dose of uninhibited punk intensity. Combining their love for classic '77 UK punk with the aggression and power of the DC Hardcore classics, The Suspects were a pivotal band for the region; crucial in keeping the spirit of DC Punk and Hardcore alive and flourishing for generations to come.

Supported by energetic live performances, the band gained an impressive following not only locally, but nationally as well.  They shared the stage with a plethora of name bands from the decade - Rancid, The Pist, Violent Society, Dropkick Murphys, Blanks 77, Showcase Showdown, The Boils, Swingin Utters, US Bombs, and Pennywise, as well as legendary bands like the UK Subs, Fear, and The Ramones.  Regarded by many as the most relevant DC punk band of the nineties, their music bridged the gap between the eighties Dischord scene and the diverse punk subsets of the 2000s, consequently providing a soundtrack for the lives of countless mohawked outcasts. Chances are if you lived in DC at the time and considered yourself a fan of punk music in any way, you were a fan of The Suspects.
To coincide with the release, The Suspects will be playing a reunion show with their original lineup on Friday, July 29th, at the Black Cat in Washington DC. They will be joined by Blockhead and Free Children of Earth.
Check out this archived interview with The Suspects (conducted by Positive Force's Mark Andersen) which originally appeared in the March 1995 issue of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL
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